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rafaellvalente asked 1 year ago

Hi, these are two problems that will certainly be easy to solve.
1st – I would like to know about the “MONEY” plugins guide if I get this report, since in the plugin I am using it is inactive.
2 – every day more increases the amount of customers complaining that when making reservations of schedules in Google Chrome, the plugin returns the error “undefined” or “Busy” both appear in a pop-up screen.
The site is:
If you need administrator access, give me an email.
I would like to know about it, it would be of great help. Please, collaborate with Nikola.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Rafaell,

I will need more details when errors occur. What is selected from location service worker combination?

Best regards,

rafaellvalente replied 1 year ago

So Nikola, the system gives the error at the time of sending the scheduling form, the whole selection part happens quietly, so when the user clicks “send” the error happens. Did you understand?
I await your help Nikola. Hugs!

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

I have done couple of test and didn’t get any error. Is that Google Chrome on mobile or desktop?

Best regards,

rafaellvalente replied 1 year ago

This is a friend, it does not happen straight, only sometimes. Just not Google Chrome mobile.
And the Money tab, do you plan to release this feature?
Once again thank you for your attention.

rafaellvalente answered 1 year ago

Hello Nikola.
The error continues with regard to Google Chorme on Android phones. Regardless of the version, the error happens at the end of the booking process.
Site: http:
It is not a constant error, it happens sporadically.
The entire form is filled in normally and when the client clicks “Confirm Reservation” it displays the error screen -> “Busy” This plugin is sensational, congratulations !!!
The only thing that is getting my hair out is this.
My WordPress: 4.7.12
If you need access to the site and the server send me a secure form of contact.
Thanks for the Great Plugin.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 1 year ago

Hi, I have checked the link but it was working fine atm. 🙁

Best regards,