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WU asked 12 months ago
Hi Nikola, When someone books an appointment on my site, the system puts automatic blocks before the appointment although block before is 0. I tried changing to beginning-end time view, nothing changed. It looks like many other people is having the same problem. Should we expect a new version soon that would solve this problem?  Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 12 months ago
Hi, can you please create a temp admin account for me? Send it to nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com so I can check settings on the spot. Best regards, Nikola
wukutuphane replied 12 months ago

Done. Thank you

wukutuphane answered 12 months ago
Hi @Nikola. Any chance you could have a look... I see there are more and more people having the same issue. This bug really makes the system inconvenient because our customers cannot book slot that should be actually available. Your timely help would be appreciated. Thanks
wukutuphane answered 12 months ago
Hi again,   I just realized something that might be helpful for you. Number of unwanted blocks depends on the duration of service I try to book after the initial booking.   For example;    I book 2 hours at 12. Until 12, the service should be available. If I try to book another 2 hours, the system shows 11-12 unavailable. Intstead, if I try to book 3 hours, then it shows 10-12 unavailable. And it goes similarly.