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hartogin@gmail.com asked 3 years ago
I am setting up the plugin, but if I want to do a test booking in the calendar I get a pop up 'undefined'? http://www.tcnsporthorses.com/1465-2/http://www.tcnsporthorses.com/1465-2/  
philip_manfredi replied 3 years ago

I am experiencing the same error at

It started around the same time yours did.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, reason for that is by default it is looking for custom field name value with slug name. If you don't have such field it will show undefined. But you can set any field that you want from your appointment. Short code attribute is called title_field and you need to put there slug name from custom form field that you want to use. Best regards, Nikola
philip_manfredi replied 3 years ago

I already had the slug value as being “name”, but the problem is still occurring. I can bypass the “undefined” popup if I click the submit button multiple times on the form.