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Jarryd Luyt asked 6 months ago

Good day,
We installed the plugin, but at that time skipped the choice for various fields we could add, assuming we could return to that point. 
We have uninstalled and reinstalled the plug-in, but believe the stored cache are saving our “poor choices” or lack thereof.
Now, we are stuck and unable to implement this plugin, please assist!
Thank you, and warm regards,

Jarryd Luyt replied 6 months ago

Additional info:
It seems the skipped fields, were the “Location, Service, and Worker” fields that need to be defined upon installation setup.

This matter is quite urgent as we are hoping to “Go Live” the start of September and at this point we are unable to even test or use the plugin.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 months ago

Hi, sorry for waiting. If you have only one combination of “Location, Service, and Worker” then it will not show them as options but only in overview before final booking. If there is more then one option it will be visible for user to select.

Best regards,