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Massimo asked 4 years ago
I created a page with two booking forms.(hairdresser - naturopath)
I need to use a different locations for each module.
I tried to set the id but it doesn't change, I always see all the locations

look at the page
4 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Massimo, sorry for waiting. You need to define 2 locations and create connections that uses those two location. Then set ids of locations inside shortcode on each module. Best regards, Nikola
daitarn3 Staff answered 4 years ago
I followed the documentation and set a different id for each position but I only see the location services = "1" here are the shortcodes: [ea_bootstrap width="800px" location="1" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2"] [ea_bootstrap width="800px" location="3" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2"]
thanks Massimo
daitarn3 Staff answered 4 years ago
Start your code here [ea_bootstrap width=\"800px\" location=\"1\" scroll_off=\"true\" layout_cols=\"2\"] [ea_bootstrap width=\"800px\" location=\"3\" scroll_off=\"true\" layout_cols=\"2\"] 
daitarn3 Staff answered 4 years ago
I can't write the shortcode, the form clears it