Support forumCategory: QuestionsTranslate 'You can't select this time slot' to german and registration email to customer is sent by WordPress
Arthur Kolbe asked 2 years ago

Hey! First, I wanna say thank you for this awesome plugin! It’s really good! 
Second, I have 2 issues. If you could help me to fix em that would be amazing!
First, the message “You can’t select this time slot” is in english and I have no way to translate it to german, (I’m german), and if you could tell me how that is possible to do, I’d be very thankful.
Second, when the confirmation email gets sent out to the customer that I approved his appointment request, while the message gets sent from the email address i selected in the settings “”, the name that appears is “WordPress”. So it looks like he got an email from wordpress itself. I’d be awesome if I could, instead of WordPress, make it say “4 Your Life Balance” instead.
Thank you in advance!

elkosx18 replied 2 years ago

Hi Arthur, for question 1, I am translating it using Loco Translate were the template contains a Field for “You can’t select this time slot”. Unfortunately I do not find out how to trigger the message to confirm it gets displayed too. Have you tried Loco Translate? Gruss Marc

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Arthur, do you have that sentence inside translation files inside EA?

Best regards,