"Today" is busy (red) even though not all appointments are booked

Support forum"Today" is busy (red) even though not all appointments are booked
Jana asked 4 years ago
Hi there,  I'm having trouble with our calendar blocking out (busy, red) one day of service on any given day, (usually in the morning/ early afternoon) even though we have no appointments booked that afternoon.    We have 5 appointments for one service, and only one worker & location every day.  The most popular service tends to block out even if not all the appointments have been taken.  Today, 8/19 was mostly open to appointments, yesterday 8/18. When I came in to work this morning, we had one scheduled appointment at 10:00 a.m., and quickly added in two more appointments for that same service, which worked fine. But after lunch, I came back to find the day "busy" or blocked out in red. We should still have two appointments available today, and nothing is going through the back end, or into the Google calendar. We can still see the times, but they're greyed out.  This has happened at least three different days that I've known about, and nothing looks wrong, that I can tell, in the back end.    Here's the site: https://www.youressexlibrary.org/book-an-appointment/  (Just scroll down a little and you'll see the appointment calendar)   Any help appreciated, in fixing this! 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Jana, can you please tell me about Service settings. Do you have block before set there? EA allows you to book only appointments that are not started yet. So Appointment time must be > than current moment. Best regards, Nikola