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Michel asked 4 years ago
Hi, hope you are well! 2 questions 1 Can a worker see the timetable to confirm a pending appointment or is this only available to admin.? and so do you suggest that workers send emails to admin to confirm their availability when an appointment is made   2  I am a newbie to ecommerce, if I but the extension sincing with woocommerce and paypal...what other costs are there..paypal takes a transaction charge and then do woocommerce have an additional charge?   Thanks
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Michel, 1. when someone books appointment, worker that is selected will receive email. Inside that email there will be two link one for cancel appointment and another one for cancel it. There is no need to go to admin panel. You can create access for worker to admin part but then they will see all appointments not only theirs. 2. PayPal have own fees. For example if you buy Extension plugin with price $39 I will receive around $36-$37 so they will take somewhere 5-7%. WooCommerce is free e commerce platform on top of WordPress. So there are no additional charge there. Best regards, Nikola