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CraigMcKee asked 2 years ago

Customers have booked a time and in the appointments in the back end it shows as an hour earlier than they booked.  So if they booked at 10.00, the back end shows 9.00, Google shows 10.00 but then then anothe customer can book 10.00 because the back end is show 9.00!! 

CraigMcKee replied 2 years ago

WordPress is set to London, Google is set to GMT+1

Bear in mind though, my user selects 10.00 and it’s recorded as 9.00 in the plugin.

Renato C. replied 2 years ago

Try setting WordPress to GMT+1

CraigMcKee replied 2 years ago

There doesn’t seem to be the option but in WordPress it says universal time, your local time and my local time is showing +1 hour. Underneath is says you are on daylight savings time which ends on xxx so that all seems to be in the right direction.

Renato C. replied 2 years ago

WordPress Allows you to set the time of the location “London” but if you scroll you will find OffSet Manual. try UTC + 1

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CraigMcKee answered 2 years ago

I haven’t got to the bottom of this but two other workers calendars are fine so it would seem she has a device / app something somewhere with the wrong time zone set!  

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, can you please paste here timezone settings that are selected inside WordPress Settings > General page. Also you will have to check each calendar settings for those employees.

Best regards,

CraigMcKee replied 2 years ago

I found the issue! I have one Google Calendar set up with 7 “workers”. When one of the users installed their calendar they set it to GMT not GMT+1. When I went back into the main Google account, all were set to GMT+1 except hers, so I changed that and it’s solved the problem.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 2 years ago

Nice, thanks for update 🙂