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Martine Van Herck asked 4 years ago
Dear Nicola, Sorry to ask the same question in a new post, but I couldn\'t figure out how to answer the first one???? My question was how to correct the settings to solve the problem that booking ours are not the same in google calendar: This was your answer: \'please go to Settings > General page and there set time zone as Named time zone instead of time offset (GMT+2)\'   But I don\'t understand it very well.  Sorry for that. Do you mean the settings in Google or in EA?? I don\'t find it in ether??   I don\'t find \'Named time zone\' anywhere? In Google calendar I see only GMT times to select and \'time offset\' I can not find ether.   Can you try to explain to me again?   Thank you very much, Greetings, Martine
zerg686 Staff replied 4 years ago

i think he means the time settings in your WordPress site. Go to your WordPress site under Settings > General

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Martine, when you are selecting time zone in settings make sure that you are selecting time zone with name. For example : Europe/Berlin instead of UTC+1 time zone that is set with offset will not work right during sync because Google requires timezone with name. Best regards, Nikola