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Steffan Ros asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola or staff>I can not reply to your answer so I will do it here. First this is what we already wrote to each other (and below is my new question)>>>>> Stef asked 1 week ago Hi, If our customers want to book an appointment it now is only possible after a two hour period while we have empty slots before that period. For instance: it is now 12.00 o’clock. The first option for customers is 14.15 o’clock. How can I make it possible that they can book an appointment at 12.30 becauser that slot is still empty for my worker. Thank you.     1 Answers 0Vote UpVote Down Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 days ago Hi Stef, that is simple just add block after option inside service settings. By altering that you can control time between (block_after, block_before). Best regards,Nikola<<<<< MY NEW REPLY:Hi Nikola,Thanks for your answer. But the solution does not work. It blocks possible appointments after although they are free.What I try to explain is that people can only book an appointment 2 hours and 15 minutes later than when they check. Even if there is an empty slot before those 2 hours and 15 minuets.I would like that they can book an empty spot at any given moment. Or for instance 15 minutes before an empty timeslot.I already tried via settings-->Date/Time-->Block timeslot. There I put 15 minutes. It says that the system will prevent a visitor from making an appointment if there are fewer minutes left than \"15\" minutes. But this does not work as well. And this is exactly what I want it do to.Kind regards,Steffan
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Steffan, can you please provide link to booking page so I can check on the spot? Best regards Nikola