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mounhar asked 4 years ago
Is there a solution if the calendar is not displayed? When I change the theme to twentytwenty everything works fine. Switching back to my theme makes troubles. I can see the form fields but not the calendar. When inspecting the source code i see that there is one difference at the tag which normally contains the calendar: <div class="date"></div> In a working calender there I see <div class="date hasdatepicker" id="anynumber">  What's wrong with it? How could this depend on the theme? Are there any additional frameworks needed (jquery is loaded)
mounhar replied 4 years ago

The code snippets should be

<div id="ea-loader" style="…..

1 Answers
mounhar answered 4 years ago
One again: the code snippets should be: 
<div class=”date”></div>
<div class=”date hasdatepicker” id=”anynumber”> <div id="ea-loader" style="width: 375px; height: 186px; display: none;"></div>