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aeras asked 1 week ago

i want to make 4 tennis courts available for bookings to registered tennis club members.
I can’t figure out if this is even possible and the ‘worker’ feature confuses me.
I need to make time slots every 30minutes and set limits for resevation types.
For example, a member can book maximum 1,5 hour for singles game so must choose 3 (consecutive-only) 30min slots. Members can book only once every day, can book 3 days in advance and cancel booking until 2 hours before play
Any help please?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 days ago

Hi Aeras,

you can have 4 tennis courts. Create 4 locations for them. Then you turn on option called multiple work in EA Settings > Customize page. You will have to create one default worker and one service with 30minutes interval. Regarding 3 days in advance thing you can do that by setting the limit max_date inside short code

Best regards,

aeras replied 6 days ago

Hi Nikola,

I managed to create the time slots i need for court bookings following your instructions!
But i still can’t figure out:
1) How to edit the short code
2) How to make specific time slots unavailable for booking (for expampe: court 1 every Monday-Wendesday from 2.00pm -9.00pm is unavailable due to tennis lessons)
3) How to prevent a member from booking multiple times a day. I set max number of appointments to “1” but still i can book twice a day entering the same member details

Thanks for your help!
Best regards

aeras replied 6 days ago

2) Solved!
3) This issue comes with another one. I made 2 services, one for singles play(1,5hour) and one for doubles(2hours).
When someone is booking a court for singles the court remains available for doubles. It seems that there are always 2 services available in each location instead of 1 needed.