Syncing issue w/ New Calendar and only 1 event

Support forumSyncing issue w/ New Calendar and only 1 event
matthew_martin Staff asked 5 years ago
After finally getting the Google Calendar to sync back to EA, I've noticed an interesting issue. If there's only 1 event on the Google Calendar and it's an event originally created on the Google Calendar then it won't sync the data back to EA. I checked the log file and it appears that EA doesn't see it. However, when I create another event (for a total of 2 events), then EA suddenly sees both events and starts syncing the data again. I tested this by creating a new Google Calendar and linking it with the extension. I can create 2 events through the Google Calendar side and modify their time and dates and once the cron job runs they'll update appropriately on the EA side. If I delete one of the events from the Google Calendar, then it will correctly update to a cancelled status in EA. However, the remaining event will now stop syncing its status to EA until I either create a new event/appointment through EA or I create another event on the Google Calendar. Everything else appears to update and sync correctly except for when the above circumstance is true.