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John Bunker asked 6 years ago
Background: I am an owner and new to dev own web site. To date before EA, I entered all my contact data into ios Phone & Ipad, then manually entered Names and appointment times in iCal. I have set up EA and the Extension Google calendar. I have (after reading in the forum) set up Cron on the server. I have synced both ways Apple ical to Google Calendar and visa versa, it all works. Question A: I would still like to keep entering the data into ios, sync the data to Google and for Google to sync the data back to EA appointments. Is this possible? I can enter the data into Google Cal, which will sync with EA Cal and iCal.Question B: if this is the only way to achieve this, can you show me how to take the contact form data eg: name address etc and sync it into Google contacts? from there I can also sync it back to iContacts and keep the integrity of my data flow complete. apologies for the long questions, hopefully it is clear what I want to achieve.  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi John, EA will sync back from Google Calendar everything that is there. So there should not be any issue regarding that. Regarding contact data I am not sure how you can add them via Event. Best regards, Nikola