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Richard asked 7 months ago

Hello,  I am trying to figure out how I can sync (2) of my calendars for booking appointments.  The 2 employees are Richard and Ben.  Both of us have google accounts and I have my google account synced with EA.
I setup my google account ( in the “connect[beta]” and have synced to employee “Richard” – Everything is working perfect.
Now I am wanted to sync Ben’s calendar ( and do the same… how can I do this? It seems like only 1 google account can be synced?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi, it’s simple. Calendars from account2 share with account1. Then you will see those calendars when adding advance sync option mappings 🙂

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Richard replied 7 months ago

Ok, I have the calendar shared now and I can see his appointments in EA. However, when I add an appointment now through EA for “Ben” at say 10am with test customer info… its creating a appointment at 5am with “(No Title)”

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 months ago

Can you please check the timezone settings on that other Google Account.

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Richard replied 7 months ago

Both calendars are the same time zone (Eastern-New York). Also, when the appointment is being added none of the customer information is being added. Its just an event with (No title) and a time. Nothing the customer enters in on the form is coming through

Richard replied 7 months ago

I think I figured it out – The timezone of my wordpress page was set to +0 and my timezone is -5. (This is a new website and didn’t realize the timezone on wordpress was off. )

Now that this is figured out – why doesn’t any of the information on the appointment carry through?

Richard replied 7 months ago

Nevermind – I figured it out. It has to be setup in Connect [Beta] > Event Subject