Sync back working for some calendars but not others

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Liga asked 2 years ago
I see that there has been such a problem already brought up, but there is no answer. 

I have several workers and each has it's calendar under one Google account. So far everything worked perfectly. I also have added other workers previously. But currently the new workers calendars does not sync back from Gcal to EA (they do from EA to Gcal). The parameters in calendars are the same- both in Google and EA. 

I have tried everything you have answered previsously regarding synchronisation (e.g. cron job), but anyways it should not be a problem since the old calendars are working both ways. 

This is an ASAP situation! 
I'm really looking forward to your answer! 
andrew_cooper replied 2 years ago

I’m having a similar problem! Just set up Easy Appointments yesterday and appointments made with EA now appear on my Google calendar. However events created in the same Google calendar do not appear in EA.

I’ve also noted that events created in EA don’t sync to Google calendar until the event is manually confirmed eitehr in the EA dashboard or by adding and clicking on an confirm link in the e-mail sent to the worker.