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christiana_owolabi asked 2 years ago

We recently got the upgrade extension but since installing it, the submit and cancel button have disappeared. I’ve looked through the forum and couldn’t find a conclusion. Thanks in advance  

christiana_owolabi replied 2 years ago

We also have the most recent version of WordPress and are using the DIVI theme

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi, can you please confirm that when you select time slot? Now they are rendered after you select time slot.

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christiana_owolabi replied 2 years ago

Thanks for replying. I have attached this video outlining the problem.!AmOQnmJXkvGSgdgVtsZwRPouqbRLYg?e=obT19l!AmOQnmJXkvGSgdgVtsZwRPouqbRLYg?e=obT19l

As you can see, the activation of the add on plugin seems to lose the button,

Many thanks in advance. We are quite desperate for a resolution.