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cruda asked 7 years ago
There are numerous misspellings and typos throughout the plugin in the English version: Descrtiption in the appointment list To use using the email notification for user there must be field named "email" or "e-mail" on the customisation page Appointment can't be canceled! on the cancellation page (when cancellation link is clicked in email) Some of them aren't a big problem but anything that we send out to our customers MUST be spelled correctly. What can I do to fix these - I'd be happy to pass on any fixes to be incorporated into the plugin code.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi Cruda, please send me the whole list of corrections and I will add them in next version. Due to lack of time some errors slip by. Best regards, Nikola
cruda replied 7 years ago

Hi Nikola,
Thanks for your reply. I’ll try my best to come up with a list of spelling issues / typos. How would you best like them to be identified so you can locate them easily in your code?
Regarding the spelling of cancelling – it seems like a British English thing. I’ll look for more of those; perhaps a British English version is a possibility?

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
You can change all of those labels even now. You can create a custom translation and place it in languages folder. Here are more details on that : https://easy-appointments.net/documentation/#translate Best regards, Nikola