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Paal Joachim Romdahl asked 5 years ago
Hi I am looking into the following spec list to see how much can be covered by this plugin. We have a potential client who plan on setting up a health care practitioner site. Practitioners create a profile, add their expertise, image and availability (time slots). Client is able to add a profile to the site. Practitioner and client can both rate each other. At first just available for the site owners to see how things go and perhaps later more open for others to read. A map is needed to show where the practitioners are located. Practitioners can also do home visits. They will then need to login when they go for a visit then login again when they leave the client. When client books they also need to see the price for the time booked + extra fees for home visits. Web site also needs to show available practitioners and available jobs. (Jobs showing only to the practitioners.) NB! Client also needs to be able to select which practitioner to use.   Thank you! Have a great day!