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stevedwell asked 5 years ago

How can i sort the drop down menus for the front end and back-end alphabetically. Its kind of annoying when you have to search through the list.

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stevedwell answered 5 years ago

ea.Locations = <?php echo $this->models->get_pre_cache_json(‘ea_locations’, array(‘name’ => ‘ASC’)); ?>;
ea.Services = <?php echo $this->models->get_pre_cache_json(‘ea_services’, array(‘name’ => ‘ASC’)); ?>;
ea.Workers = <?php echo $this->models->get_pre_cache_json(‘ea_staff’, array(‘name’ => ‘ASC’)); ?>;
ea.MetaFields = <?php echo $this->models->get_pre_cache_json(‘ea_meta_fields’, array(‘position’ => ‘ASC’)); ?>;
ea.Status = <?php echo json_encode($this->logic->getStatus()); ?>
This is how you would sort them alphabetically. Can you add this to the next build?
file inlinedate.tpl.php