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Alix_G asked 4 years ago
Hi, Slot is taken message has been appearing constantly after submitting a booking. I empty the caching and then I could do one ore booking. But after that the message Slot is taken keep appearing and no booking is possible.  If I click in the calendar, it shows "Please select another day" and you cannot select any slots. I appreciate some help. Thank you.  
michael_hofmeister replied 4 years ago

HAve you checkmark the Option “Multiple work” on Settings? So it could be the reason, why you could only book one timeslot.

It were better, if you post some Screenshots from your Settings-Page where we could see you selected options 🙂

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
This issue is fixed. Problem was additional plugin that was there. Now everything is working fine :)
ura replied 4 years ago

i am having the same problem, what plugin i need to deactivate?