Site Form not working after adding google recaptcha v3 / v2 (either way)

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akapic asked 11 months ago

I was adding to this website the google recaptcha as we get almost 10-20 spam form calls.

And when I add either one it doesn't let me select the time anymore

You guys can test it with the following data

Test Name Graz
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 11 months ago
Hi can you please share the link that page in private post here? Best regards, Nikola
akapic replied 11 months ago

Hey Nikola how do you mean that?

akapic replied 10 months ago

When I add google captcha this is what the console states after not letting me pass after the time selection

PatrikJohnsson answered 11 months ago
Hello, i have the same issues on The issue is basically that $_REQUEST['captcha'] is empty for the ajax call It should be populated from .g-recaptcha-response. We believe but this field is empty both before and after submission. I have tried both a V2 (currently active) and a V3 key. Thanks,
akapic replied 10 months ago

Is there any update sofar? @Nikola Loncar?
We’d really like to add google captcha but the form is not responding if we do so.