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0rgan1c4i asked 6 years ago
One of my family members started a business with some partners, one of the services they provide is psychodiagnostics. They have two psychologists with different schedules, breaks, vacations, they have different schedules some days of the week, etc (and we have changes often, the company is too informal yet). I have to mange both employees using the same worker entity, because otherwise the clients would have to select between workers to see the slots available for the same service, and they would miss some slots and probably select only slots from the first worker. When I have to add vacations, I have to make sure I don't remove slots from the other psychologist too, the connections tab is hell, I have to guess whose connection is each. We don't have earnings yet, just income, but I can pay you if you want, I'm gonna shoot myself if they add another employee.  If the calendar showed all the slots from one service (there is no need for the clients to know which worker is) I will Iove you (more than now lol, this plugin is awesome).  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, yes I agree maintaining all the connection can be hard if there are to many people. I will create special page with not working rules like you select Worker and say this working is not working from date-date. It will be super simple for creating vacation set up. Is that ok with you? Best regards, Nikola