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Dimitris Galanis asked 3 years ago
Hello I am Sharing my Google calendar with 2 other users who can make changes etc I have given them full authorisation because they are secretaries. However easy appointments cannot see their movements only google calendar can, it can only see the primary changes I make from my primary google calendar. What should I do? How should I synchronise all 3 users with easy appointment?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, you can do that. Let all users create a new calendar and share those with Account that is used within EA Extension Google settings. But make sure that they allow writable access to those calendars. After that you can map those calendars in advance sync option settings. Best regards, Nikola
dimitrios_galanis Staff answered 3 years ago
Nicola, I have already given 2 users full access to my google calendar and they can make changes, new appointments etc. However EA cannot see their movements. It can only see the movements that I make from my google account. Should I refresh the token again? I do not understand what you mean ''allow all users create a new calendar''. They already have their own calendars and I have given them full access to my calendar. Could you please make it more clear to me?
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, sorry for waiting. Here it is you need to create for example two calendars with that account and share it with others. But share it with full access writes (read&write). After doing that you need to add those calendars to Google Advance sync option mappings inside EA Extension settings. If you don't do that it will not sync events. Also make sure that you select Worker value in those mappings. Best regards, Nikola