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Miguel asked 2 years ago
Hello, I would like to make some questions before buying the extension, to see if the plugin + extension can fit our needs. Our company is a mechanical garage and we want your plugin to allow our clients book their appointments easy and fast, online. We actually use Google Calendar to arrange all appointments and it is all done on our side.
  1. Clients must be able to choose service (basic check, advanced check, chip tuning, paint and repair, etc...)
  2. Depending on the service they choose, there will be different dates and times available.
  3. Depending on the service they choose, their appointment duration will be different and automatically assigned to the appointment. (Service A, 30' by default, Service B 60' by default...)
  4. User form to detail and explain the reason of their appointment so we can verify how long we can probably need
  5. Manual approval of the appointment on our side
  6. Possibility to edit appointment duration, day or time from our side, via Google Calendar, and have it updated on your plugin.
  7. Whatsapp notifications to the client when we approve or edit their appointment.
  8. Possibility to easily change, cancel or edit the appointment on the client side.
Please let me know if all these things are possible and if not, tell me if there is a workaround. Thanks and regards, congratulations for your nice plugin.