Several issues (e-mail sender, booking cancellation, booking times)

Support forumSeveral issues (e-mail sender, booking cancellation, booking times)
Chiara asked 4 years ago
Hi, I am setting the easy appointment plugin that works pretty well, but I have some issues that I am not able to solve:
  • The sender of e-mail notifications is WORDPRESS. I don't want this to happen. Where can I change the name of the sender please?
  • I don't want the option "operator to appear"
  • How can customers get back to their booking and cancel it?
  • I don't want customers to be able to book for the day after. I want them to book at least 72h before the appointment. How can I set this?
Thank you for your help
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Chiara, EA can solve all your issues: 1. You need to open EA Settings > Customize page > Mail notifications > Send from to be like this: Some Name<> 2. If you have only one value in that select field just name it with _name. But that only works if you have one option and it is preselected worker="" 3. Customers can use cancel appointments via link from email. 4. There is a option called block time (it is in minutes) so in your case 4320 (EA Settings > Customize > Date & Time section) :) Best regards, Nikola best regards