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tania_van_eeden Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi, if I set the default status to "Confirmed" instead of "Pending", everything works until you press Submit. It shows a red circle with a line across on the submit button. The "Done" message doesn't show and eventually the recaptcha times out. 

My client would prefer the appointments to default to confirmed as it's less work for him and the appointment is set to 3 days in advance to avoid conflicts with his calendar. 
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Tania, can you please share the link to that page so I can check on the spot what is going on. Best regards, Nikola
tania_van_eeden Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes, it’s
I’ll set it to default confirmed now

Thank you for the response

tania_van_eeden Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi, I removed EasyAppointments and Connect Beta, and reinstalled it. That seem to have sorted the problem