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eero_olli Staff asked 5 months ago
What is the best practice for dealing with service interruptions, like sick leaves (one or more days), doctors appointments (a few hours), and other appointments that collide with service hours.
I have found the "vacations", which work well, but there are also other kinds of service interruptions.  I would love to be able to simply add "Closed" or something similar, which would remove timeslots from the booking calendar users see. 

I do not want to send automatic cancellations for bookings, as sometimes, I might be able to find a substitute worker.  

I am running WordPress 3.4.3 and Easy appointments 3.11.12.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 months ago
Hi, this can be done by creating connection that is set to not working and cover all the slots. Can you please try that approach? Best regards, Nikola