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Pabro66 Staff asked 2 years ago
Hi, the plugin sometimes works syncing in both ways and sometimes don't, so I imagine the configuration in Google Console (yes is in Production) has been done correctly. Now it is not placing on Google Calendar the appointments I make on the website, via your plugin, while it syncs back the Appointments I create oh Google Calendar. Pls Help See the screenshots of my configuration Configuration 1 Configuration 2
Pabro66 Staff replied 2 years ago

Now it is working again: I just clicked Save on Client ID/Client Secret section and clicked Authorize (which just opened and closed another Browser Window).
How is it? Why it is so unstable the sync with Google Calendar. I am selling it as a reservation system for a doctor and need to be sure it works reliably.
Could you please help understand?

Pabro66 Staff replied 2 years ago

Now it is not sending appointments to Google Calendar anymore.
Impossible to use it this way. And I don’t change any setting: it changes behavior by its own 🙁
Please help ASAP. My customer is waiting.

Pabro66 Staff replied 2 years ago

I have deleted an appointment on Google Calendar and created other two from the website.
I checked with WP Crontrol that the cron started and in fact it did: this is the result:
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.624113] [debug] Calendars for sync
primary: array(
‘location’ => ‘1’,
‘service’ => ’11’,
‘worker’ => ‘1’,
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.624347] [info] Syncing events for Calendar: primary
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.624397] [info] Sync event within next 365
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.814362] [info] Fetched from Google Calendar 0 events
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.818140] [info] Synced events : 0
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.818196] [info] Total sync events : 0
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.818711] [info] Found 2 events in EA but on on GCal
[2022-07-22 15:21:09.822423] [info] Sync Done

So I ran but:
1. did not sent back the deletion of the Google Calendar appointment
2. the two appointments created in the website with your plugin are there but has not been synced

What can I do?!?!?

Pabro66 Staff replied 2 years ago

At lunch time everything worked both ways, now nothing . . .

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Pabro66 Staff answered 2 years ago
Please help: I also asked the same question at the end of my Cron Question . . . It is stopping me from delivering the website to my customer