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Jamarchi asked 3 years ago
Hi I´m creating a site that the company will rent smail office, medium office, meeting rooms, so the idea is that the user can select one, two or four hours in one of services, so how can I set up thje plugin in order that the user can select from 1 to the hours that they need, thank you for your help-.
william_beville replied 3 years ago


I have set up the services on booking system exactly as you want.


Add in your time slots as services

jamarchi replied 3 years ago

Hi william_beville , thank you for you comments,
I have setup the slopt in this way bu I think it wrong (in our case we will rent office for 6 and 12 people) Can you please tell me how did you do it ? please

william_beville replied 3 years ago

Hi Jamarchi.

Firstly set up your “Location” in EA settings. These will be your room names, numbers or whatever you identify them as.

Secondly set up your “Services” as the time you wish to allow a client to book for. Example “3 Hours”. Edit the “3 Hour” service as follows…..

1. Name “3 Hours”
2. Duration “180 minutes”
3. Slot step ( whatever you wish them to book in increments of, for example I have 30 minutes increments but you can have 45 minutes or 1 Hour etc.
4. Fill in your “Block Before” and “Block After” of which for you is 10 minutes
5. Select you price for this service

You repeat this for all time services you are offering for example “2 Hours” follow steps above but adjust for 2 Hours

Then add your “Connections” which associates your services with your rooms.