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Bas Welvering asked 1 year ago

Hello Nikola, I currently have the following situation; me and my coworker share a room at one location where we give sessions. If a client books a service with my coworker, I should become unavailable at this time slot, since only one session can be given in this room at a time. I tried to fit this situation in Easy Appointments, but I couldn\’t figure this out. The way I do it now, is that after a client books an appointment, I manually make another appointment for the other worker under the name \’blocked\’ so we can\’t be double booked. But as you understand, this is not a very fail-proof approach, and our calender is filled with \’blocked\’ appointments. Is there any way to make this work? 

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi, ATM free slots are calculated by worker or by exact match between location service and worker. In order to use location as in your example we will need to extend it with such option. Or you want to change names of options so Location would Worker and worker would be location. There is option to alter such thing in EA settings.

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