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breezymedia asked 7 months ago

Hi, I’ve been having trouble posting in this forum – perhaps because it was set to private, so I’m trying again here 🙂
Hello, I asked the following question on this forum:

The booking overview description (“Please check your appointment details below and confirm”) doesn’t have its own div and therefore can’t be styled (it’s too wide for mobile devices).

Since this is a very small and easy request, would you consider adding it to an update?

I also included this link to a screenshot:

[As you see, the booking over description is too wide (only just) and makes the table narrower than it should be]

And got the reply:
It’s simple fix with custom styles. Can you please share the link to that page? Best regards, Nikola

This was posted at:
However, when I go to that link I get the message “No content for this loop” which means I can’t reply, so I apologise for re-posting this question.

This is the link to the page as requested: [To see the problem, try looking at this page on an iPhone in portrait mode if you can]

When I inspect the form, I can’t see and class or ID to specifically target the message “Please check your appointment details below and confirm:”

Thank you so much!!!