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Henry asked 2 years ago
I have a calendar set up with one location and multiple services/workers for a "tour guide"-like programme where one worker shows multiple guests around the location during an appointment. Ideally, I would like a given number of people (in this case 3) to be able to register for the same service with the same worker at the same time and for individual workers to have their own respective limits. I have the "daily limit" of each service set to 0 and the "slot count" for each connection set to 3 (as I would like to be able to change this for specific connections with the same service), however this does not seem to limit the number of registrations properly. Even when I have 3 registrations for the same location/service/worker combination at the same time set as "confirmed", I am still able to register for more appointments at the same time. Have I missed a setting somewhere for this? What seems to work currently is setting the "daily limit" to 3 (this still allows e.g. 3 registrations with one worker and 3 with another, even for the same service/time), however I would prefer to accomplish this via the "slot count" option, as mentioned before.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Henry can you please go to EA Settings > and set that Busy slots are calculated by Exclusive by Worker and try again? Best regards, Nikola