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Álvaro asked 2 years ago

Hi Nikola,
Thanks in advance for your time!
I want to use “reservation status” to make a reminder to the client so that he can confirm or cancel the appointment, but in the reservation mode the confirmation and cancellation links do not work.
The work flow that I would like to do is:
Pending> Admin changes to reservation> User confirms or cancels
How can I make this reminder work out?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Álvaro,

reservation status is only if you select auto reservation option. So when customer select time slot it will keep that slot by creating empty reservation so customer can fill it up. YOu can’t send mails because there are no data such email address etc at that moment.

Best regards,

JMA answered 1 year ago

Hello Nikola, 
Thank you very much for your reply.
I do not use the auto reservation because I do not need any payment gateway to maintain the reservation while the appointment is made.
The way I want to use it:
User selects a time slot for next month with it’s name, email & phone number. Ideally, here is in “pending status” and the user will automaticly receive the first information e-mail about the appontment.
Two days prior to the appointment me as an administrator I want to manually change from “pending” to “reservation”. At this moment another e-mail is sent to the user as a reminder for them that the appointment is in two days, so that they must CONFIRM or CANCEL the appointment.
Is there any way to activate the confirmation or cancellation links in reservation mode? If this feature costs an extra fee please let me know.
Thanks again,

JMA replied 1 year ago

Hello again Nikola,

Sorry to insist with this request but it would be very interesting for me to be able to modify the status as a reservation administrator and the links in the email will works.

Can this extra configuration be done?