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backfour94 Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi, I am looking to use Easy Appointments for our cricket club, and it looks just what we need.  My only question is about repeating appointments. For example Training is every Monday from 6pm to 9pm, and I would like to book out thaty period fro about five months, every Monday. Is this possible? Thanks for a great plugin.
backfour94 Staff replied 6 months ago

Can I push this again please.

We are using EA for the booking of facilities (Nets) at our cricket club. Members can place a booking to one of three nets, for 50 minutes.

There are times when we take longer term bookings. For example, another club may book the nets every Monday, for a couple of hours, for a few months.

I could change the connection so that the nets are not available for those times. This does work but doesn’t give any visibility of why they aren’t available.

It would be better if there was the ability to book multiple slots. Thanks