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David Zapata asked 1 year ago
Hello Nikola, I tried to enter with my login to answer my previous question but I don't remember my password and I tried to recover it but I don't get any message to recover the password when I put my email
My problem is the following when entering the easy appointments plugin settings menu, in the form style and redirection tab when clicking on add advanced redirection, it does not do so and that condition is not recorded
My page is
You can make a reservation on my page and notice that when I sent the request I put the message "Your request is being processed" and it should then redirect to another page but it doesn't and it stays in that message and my clients think that I don't know made the reservation Another improvement that I would like to suggest is that in the mobile version some texts in the reservation summary part do not appear well tabulated and there are phrases that in my Spanish language are outside the box and do not read well. I would like you to try it from a cell phone