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oldnerd Staff asked 4 years ago
We're using EA for a roadrunning club. With the Covid-19 situation authorities demand advance registration of participants. In general EA does the job well. But I want to provide our volunteer trainers an overview of registrations. Unfortunately, to get access to reports you need full WordPress Administrator rights. So I'm trying to provide as much information as possible with a FullCalendar view. I'm having some problems and remarks:
  1. I have set show_remaining_slots="1", but they don't show
  2. When I hold the mouse pointer over a time it turns into a hand, suggesting that you click it for more info, but nothing happens.
  3. The calendars take up much more vertical space than needed
  4. Despite my WP settings the dates appear in the American months/date style which is confusing in countries where the opposite is common.
  5. Although the plugin is translated, for the fullcalendar view you have to translate yourself by putting stuff like button_labels="vandaag,maand,week,dag,lijst" in each shortcode.
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oldnerd Staff answered 4 years ago
Anyone? It would really help to get that show_remaining_slots=”1″ to work...