Problems with 2-way sync w/ Google Calendar

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matthew_martin Staff asked 5 years ago
Hello, I've added your extension plugin for syncing with my client's Google Calendar, but I'm running into issues. Everything works fine when creating an appointment via the form and plugin. Confirming via email or the EA plugin updates appointments on the Google Calendar correctly. However, I'm running into issues with events created on the Google Calendar not syncing back to EA. I can check the logs and it appears that the cron job sees the appropriate number of events on the Google Calendar, it just doesn't sync that data back to EA.  The client's hosting doesn't offer access to the system scheduler, so I'm using to execute the cronjob consistently. Hoping for a little guidance on what I should check next to get this resolved.  
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi, have you set advance sync mappings between services, workers, locations on one side and Google Calendars on other inside Extension settings?

Best regards,

matthew_martin Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes, I’ve connected the extension to the client’s Google Calendar via the settings in the extension plugin. Their client ID and secret have been added and I was able to authorize their Google account.

When I click “Add Calendar” under “Advanced Calendars Sync”, I can see all the calendars created on their Google Calendar and I’ve selected a new one I created for testing. I have the other settings (location, service, worker) set to any as I was assuming that would pick up any appointment scheduled that I’ve setup through the “Connections” tab.

matthew_martin Staff replied 5 years ago

I tested this again and everything seems to work in regards to EA syncing to the Google Calendar. However, canceling/deleting an appointment from the Google Calendar will not update the status of an appointment in EA itself. Likewise, other appointments made in Google Calendar do not appear in EA and do not block hours from being selected when requesting a new appointment via EA.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Martin, can you please create temp access for me so I can check what is going on. Best regards, Nikola
matthew_martin Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes. Can you provide me with an email and I’ll send you the temp login credentials.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 5 years ago

Hi, email address is nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com

matthew_martin Staff answered 5 years ago
Just wanted to note that I figured out my issue. In the Connect Extensions advanced settings, I had added the Google Calendar with "any" worker. That didn't seem to work right and when I chose the actual worker and re-added the same calendar then it started syncing the Google Calendar back to the EA plugin.
jamie_peabody Staff replied 5 years ago

This one hasn’t worked for me, but I’m trying to piggy-back a default calculator as “primary”. I assume you’re using custom calendar names for Google?

matthew_martin Staff replied 5 years ago

Yes, in my case, I had multiple calendars in Google with different names. I assumed leaving it with “any” would pull from all workers that were valid, but it wouldn’t work until I selected the proper one. No idea if that would be the case now though.