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Petsku asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, So many thanks for this plugin, it was exactly what I was looking for. I have a problem with the Finnish translation not showing up. My whole site is setup as Finnish. There are the Finnish PO/MO files in the plugin's language directory (already came with the installation). The translations are visible in Loco Translate. EA's calendar localization is 'fi'. But the frontend (e.g. 'Personal Information', 'Booking overview', etc.) of EA is still in English (except of course for those parts that you can translate in the settings). When looking at the 'File info' in Loco Translate it says: "Missing template. These translations are not linked to a POT file. Sync operations will extract strings directly from source code." I hope there is some simple reason and an even more simpler fix for this. - Petteri
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Petsku, looks like it is not up-to-date with latest translations in Plugin. You can use latest EN version and create a new Finnish translation. Best regards, Nikola
Petsku Staff replied 3 years ago

Thanks Nikola! I tried to make the changes I needed to the EN version with Loco Translate but that didn’t work either. I didn’t try to create a whole new version of FI translation. I only need eight strings to be translated, so, in the end I translated those directly in the source code, which I know is _always_ a bad idea. Guess I’ll do them again in the next update… until I find the time to make a new FI translation… which your wonderful plugin seems to desperately need 🙂

– Petsku