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Rick van der Werf asked 3 years ago
Hello! I have set up Easy Appointments for 1 worker offering 3 services (30, 60 and 90 minutes) and have created connections across all of them. Nevertheless, customers are still able to book services that partly overlap. For example: on March 5 a customer has book 30 minutes from 1.30-2.00pm. Somehow, it is still possible to book a 90-minute appointment over it from 12:30-2pm.

This seems to be a bug – Is there a way to fix this problem without the need to block 30 minutes before and after each service option?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Rick that depends on number of slots. If there is only one slot and only one person that is providing both services then you should not be able to book that other service. But depends on settings of connections. First step would be to check Reports page and Time overview report to see how many slots there are. Best regards, Nikola
DragonCreative Staff answered 3 years ago
I also have this issue. To test, I set up 1 service with a 60min duration, 60 mins block before and 60mins block after.  Created a connection for this with 1 slot I was able to make a booking for 8am and 10am, this should be prevented as the 8am slot should last until 9am, and then add 60min after block, taking end time to 10am,  the 10am slot should have a 60mins block before meaning it would start at 9am, overlapping the previous booking. Thanks, phil
jose_luis_penades_perez Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, I was going to write a new ticket about it, because I have exactly the same problem. I have configured 3 services applied to the same worker, all of them have just one slot. Presumably one worker can not do more than one service at the same time, but I can confirm you, that you can create events at the same hour for different services of the same worker. Please, see these images: (appointments created in the same day and time for different services of one worker) (this how the appointments appear in Google calendar)   I have checked the report you suggest as a first step in this post, and after I have created the first appointment, the time 9:00-10:00 appears as there is no slot available, I mean the report appear like in the image you can see below 9 x 0. But, as you can see you can still create appointments for the other services of the same worker at the same time, although there is no slot presumably available.   Any ideas about how to solve this? I have different services with different prices, so my solution can not be to create just one service, ok? I hope you can see into it soon. I can send you an admin link to see into my web if you need it.   Thanks in advance!
jose_luis_penades_perez Staff answered 3 years ago
Any news regarding this Nikola? Again three days waiting for an answer and no news from you! Please, let us know why it's not working, and offer us a solution. As I told you I can create an admin link to the backend of site to see into it if you prefer.  
rickvdw1 Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, Thanks for your reply. I have checked the number of slots and connections. I can confirm that I am still experiencing the same is, which is in line with that of @jose_luis_penades_perez.
  • I had created 3 services (30, 60 and 90 minutes);
  • Each service was connected to the same worker;
  • Each connection only had one slot;
  • Each had a slot step of 30 minutes;
  • In my settings I checked the box to look across services for an available time.
Regardless, I still am able to book a 90-minute service for the same worker on a time a 30-minute service was already reserved. For me, I could not schedule the 90-minute service at same starting time as the already planned 30-minute service, but I could make them overlap. I have tried other settings, but was unable to solve it. There must be a bug in the application that allows making double bookings. Would be great if you could help me fix it :-)
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Rick, can you please check do you have option called multiple work marked inside EA Settings page? That option should be turned off.
Best regards, Nikola
DragonCreative Staff replied 3 years ago

I have just double checked, and I do not have this optioned checked, so it is turned off.
Thanks, phil – Dragon Creative

jose_luis_penades_perez Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi there, I can confirm that after the last update, this is working properly, and any of my services overlap another service anymore. Thank you Nikola for fixing it!
DragonCreative Staff replied 3 years ago

This still doesn’t work for me.

My first booking for the day was 8am, with 60mins time slot, and 60mins before and 60mins after, so 7am – 10am.
When I go to make my second booking, an available start time of 10am is shown (which in theory is correct as my previous appointment ends at 10am) However, I need 60mins before and after, so the first available start time is 11am

Thanks, phil

jose_luis_penades_perez Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Nikola, I'm not happy to return here again, but since the update everything is not working again. I can not event create a new service, because all the services I create are fixed with the same id = 0. After a deep look to what can be happening, this behaviour is not only happening in the services table, but on all the tables. I mean, if your create a new appoinment, this appoinment is created with id=0, or if you see into the options table, all the options has id=0.   I do not know what change in the last version, but all my database is a disaster, and nothing works again. I do not know what to do now actually, but I would not like to start again from zero after have been entering all my events for the upcoming months for so many hours. OMG! Any idea Nikola of what happened? Am I the only one with a problem like this one?