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dglite asked 5 years ago
Hi: I would like to buy your plugin but have the following questions... - can I have it in Spanish, fully translated?
- can I add all the payment methods of Woocommerce? (in my case mercadopago)?
- can it work for the reservation of tennis court = select date + hour, etc.;
- do you have money back warranty in case it is not what I need? Pls let me know so I can buy it, thks...
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, - all label can be translated via po/mo file. - WooCommerce integration is not working like that. When you connect it with Woo you will be redirected to Woo checkout. After customer pays it will mark that appointment as confirmed. - You can have it like that, check demo - in case that your case is not covered by EA you can get refund within 10 days. Best regards, Nikola
dglite Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi: I will buy your plugin, but have the following questions…

- can I set a price for a service till certain Hour and a higer price from that Hour on? how?
- can I set a specific price for a service a certain day (for example a holiday)? or increse the price in a % that - holiday?
- how do I redirect reservation to woocommerce?  
Pls let me know so I can buy it, thks… dglite