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dglite asked 4 months ago

Hi: I will buy your plugin, and before I have the following questions…
– can I set a price for a service till certain Hour and a higer price from that Hour on? how?
– can I set a specific price for a service a certain day (for example a holiday)? or increse the price in a % that – holiday?
– how do I redirect reservation to woocommerce?
Pls let me know so I can buy it, thks…

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 months ago


– regarding different price you can set different service with same name but different price. By creating connections user can only select service that is on that time slot.
– Adding special % during vacation is not supported atm.
– Connecting with Woo is done inside EA Extension settings. There you can map EA Service with particular price. So when user book Appointment he/she will be redirected to Woo checkout with product in cart.

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