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Roger Green asked 3 years ago
I am still waiting for a reply to my question of two weeks ago (see original question below) and believe the answer is to link Google calendar which does allow for dates like 3rd Thursday of each month. So my next question is: - Can I link Google calendars to the Location?   ORIGINAL QUESTION:- I am building a website to sell courses. I have 9 courses and 30 locations. Some locations offer a regular weekly slot while others have just one or two slots per month. I need customers to be able to :-
  1. Select a location, then > select a date and time with different dates and times available for the different locations. 
  2. I need to be able to set dates and times for locations individually for example some locations are only available on the 3rd Wednesday each month and other are available daily.
I have tested this plugin and while it is possible to set a single date for a location using the connections settings, to use this method for 30 locations for the next 5 years would be an amongst impossible task as each date would be a new connection so I would have to make over 14,000 connections.
Is there an alternative method to set say the 3rd Thursday of each month for a location?
Do you have an alternative solution please?
Kindest regards,