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TheBarkAcademy Staff asked 4 years ago
Hi Nikola,  Thank you so much for answering my questions a few weeks ago. I have a couple more questions before upgrading to the premium version.
  1. Is it possible to display an editable list of the customer's appointments on the their WooCommerce Account page? See the attached screenshot:
WooCommerce Account Page with Bookings List         2. If I choose to purchase the $39 extension, can I switch to the $59 extension for an additional $20  after I make sure this plugin will work? Thanks, Melissa
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Melissa, 1. well can't say for sure because if you use Extension plugin then those bookings will be at the end WooCommerce orders. If you have such thing already then it will be visible but you can't alter time/day of those bookings :( 2. Sure you could do that. Best regards, Nikola
TheBarkAcademy Staff answered 4 years ago
Thank you for your response. I understand I can't display an editable list, but is it possible at all to display a list of the current logged in user's bookings that can't be edited? Or, a calendar view for the current logged in user? If there is a cancellation link, can an edit link be added? If not, can I make a request for these features to be added in a future version?