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TonySardo asked 3 weeks ago

I have installed the plugin, activated it and see nothing when I click on any links 1. Locations / 2. Settings.
Any idea what could be causing this.
As far as appointment timings issue.
I have one location and one employee.
They offer 6 services.
Times vary as follows:
Service 1 – 20 minutes
Service 2 – 20 minutes
Service 3 – 15 minutes
Service 4 – 15 minutes
Service 5 – 30 minutes
Service 6 – 40 minuites
The employess wnats to offer all services within a working day with no gaps.
How can this be achieved?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Tony, add one location and one worker there. Create those 6 services with those times. Go to Connection settings and add in bulk connections by selecting all 6 services. Inside those connections set working hours that you want and set them to be Working.

Best regards,

TonySardo answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Nikola,
Thank You very much for your reply.
I have managed to setup the 6 services.
The problem I am having is I have done a test booking of service 6 (this is 40 mins).
I have booked it from 09:00am – 09:40am.
I want to book another service straight after at 09:40am, but I get different starting times when I select any other service.
How do I book any other service at 09:40am onwards.11

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Tony, set Slot step to be 40 minutes in that case.

Best regards,

TonySardo answered 1 week ago

Hi Nikola,
Do I set the slot step to 40 on all services? or Just the 40 minutes service.
Currently set as follows:
            Duration Slot Step
Service 1     40        5
Service 2     30        5
Service 3     15        5
Service 4     15        5
Service 5     20        5
Service 6     20        5
Are all the PayPal issues sorted? I see users saying there are problems with it.
And do you have to delete appointments regularly?
I am ready to order once you can confirm all of the above.
How quick do I get the full plugin once ordered?