Please select another day appears unexpectedly

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Petar asked 5 years ago
Hi, Nicola! For some reason the 'Please select another day" message appears about an hour before the starting time of the event. It is very weird, because: on the one hand, it is a connection (event) that repeats every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and yet this error appears on Wednesdays only. On the other hand, it always appears despite the fact that there are more free slots available for booking (I have multiplied the connection 12 times for 12 people). Of course, it does not happen every Wednesday, but I cannot spot a pattern of when will the error happen. And when this error appears, I cannot edit bookings from the back end, as in the bookings already existing I can see the date, but the field for the hour is greyed out. Due to the last issue I'm inclined to think it is not some issue with the fronted, but something in a database or setting of time on the site or on the server... Any ideas?
Petar replied 5 years ago

It’s happened again, this time today – a Thursday. I want people to be able to book appointments up until the last minute before the event! Now, booking gets blocked about an hour before the event 🙁

Petar replied 5 years ago

Fixed it finally! The wrong time zone was set in Setting-General in WP Admin panel.