Support forumCategory: QuestionsPersonal Information form only works for logged-in users
tdentremont asked 7 months ago

I have been trying to get this working for some time now. If I’m logged in to WordPress, the calendar and Personal Information form work flawlessly. If I go to an incognito window on the same page (not logged-in), I can select a date and time, but the form remains greyed-out (not accessible), so a regular user cannot enter Personal Information or submit the booking request. This seems to be the exact opposite to this forum submission:
Could this be an ajax issue?
I have installed the plugin on my localhost version of the website, with the same theme and other plugins active, and I have no issues at all on localhost.
I do like this plugin, and would like to use it, but if users cannot book appointments, I cannot use the plugin.

tdentremont replied 6 months ago

Hi there, just wondering if there’s any insight into this issue? Thanks.