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valery Staff asked 3 years ago
I've replaced the basic email notification templates with more complex templates (with the same tags), and immediately noticed that performance degraded. Specifically, when I clicked "confirm reservation" with the basic email templates, this worked almost instantaneously. Similarly, it was less than a second between a click on the "cancel reservation" button and the message that appeared as a result. After I replaced the email templates, delay between clicking "confirm" and seeing "done" is like 5 or 7 seconds, and the delay between clicking "cancel" and seeing confirmation is 10+ seconds.  
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, looks like mail function on your hosting is not async. Try altering template to be only some static string and try again. If that duration is the same then something with mail function making that issue. That can be also the case if you are using SMTP plugin for sending mails. Best regards, Nikola