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william_brown Staff asked 6 years ago
Verify there is not a blank space after the token in the setup fields: Sandbox Token Prod token. Somehow copy and paste inserts a blank and it will not match what PayPal is expecting and then the PayPal box will close immediately.
2 Answers
william_brown Staff answered 6 years ago
Also, in the sandbox test, the email requested at paypal checkout is the paypal buyer email address with -buyer appended to your paypal email address. You have to set password for this email in the profile of your sandbox account under where that email address appears. Your browser will  probably try to use your normal paypal email address for testing and that will not work. 
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi William, thanks for the suggestion. Trimming those values will be added in next version. Regarding testing it is best to do that in private mode in browser. Best regards, Nikola